Tuntex New Release: Sonic Collection Recolor
Tuntex held annual dinners with its Shanghai team and its Suzhou team this past week to celebrate the hardwork we’ve accomplished in 2019. We drew raffle tickets and held an award ceremonies at the dinners for well-performed Tuntex team members.
Many brands in the fashion industry are taking steps toward pursuing sustainability and creating more eco-friendly products over the years. But Tuntex has been on the pursuit of green technology and products since it was founded more than 50 years ago.
Design concepts originate from the essence created by the designer in the process of designing their piece of work. No matter what type of creation, good designs can reflect the meaning, quality, and aesthetics of the work itself, and carpet design is no exception.
Pantone landed on Classic Blue as 2020 Colour of the year. At the beginning of December 2019, Pantone has revealed that it chose Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue for 2020, as it states the blue hue is “solid and dependable, […] providing an anchoring foundation” in a time where people require trust and faith.