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What is

LuxCushion™ is a revolutionary new backing system released by Tuntex. It is a unique backing system, utilizing production waste from our high resilience nylon fiber production and converting what would be waste into a unique backing without the massive carbon footprint inherent in other typical soft backings. LuxCushion™ brings new meaning to the cushion back segment of carpet tiles. Underfoot comfort and true environmental benefits are finally here.

United States Patent No.: US 11668046B2  
Chinese Patent No.: ZL 202020360039.5  
International Patent Application No.: PCT/CN 2020/081288

Design for 

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of architectural design. Also, this is the reason why we introduce LuxCushion™. The development of LuxCushion™ is a revolutionary upgrade to carpet backing systems, taking performance and comfort experience to the next level.

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Design for 

Tuntex has always strived for environmentally friendly manufacturing through continuous innovation. The concept of sustainability in development runs throughout LuxCushion™.

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  • Dream    

    Dream Collection utilizes LuxCushion™ to dramatically improve the user's indoor comfort. By pushing the boundaries of imagination, we bring you a product that is engineered to deliver more than comfort.

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Acoustic Comfort

LuxCushion™ is an ideal solution for acoustic comfort. For the carpet with LuxCushion™, the top and backing are made of nylon. This unique patented technology contributes to its excellent sound insulation value and absorption properties.

Installation Instruction

It is highly recommended to read the full installation instruction of LuxCushion™ tiles before starting installing. We provide an installation manual and a video guidance to help you achieve the desired result.