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The name 'nexlon' emerges from the combination of 'next' and 'nylon'. It is a premium quality nylon fiber developed and manufactured exclusively by Tuntex. It embodies the ultimate craftsmanship to build a new era of nylon fiber, offering better flooring solutions to enhance comfort and well-being.


Exclusively Developed and Produced by Tuntex

  • Premium Solution Dyed Technology 
    nexlon™ utilises Solution Dyed Technology to enhance the color performance and provide an extensive range of customizable colors. 

  • Outstanding Color Fastness 
    nexlon™ exhibits remarkable colorfastness and is designed to offer long-lasting visual satisfaction. 

  • Special Treatment 
    nexlon™ products are all treated with Stanshield™ and SoilGuard™ Treatment, which effectively prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the carpet, ensuring its longevity and cleanliness.

Key Benefits

  • 200+ Colors 
    Over 200 colours are available from nexlon™ based on market demand.

  • Innovative Types 
    Tuntex's strong R&D capabilities enable to develop more types of yarn to meet changing trends.

  • Sustainable Solution 
    nexlon™ is a sustainable solution and can be recycled into new nylon yarn or carpet.

Innovation Achievements with aircell™

aircell™ is a cutting-edge innovation developed and manufactured by Tuntex, recognised for its superior performance, ease of maintenance and increased durability. The unique configuration of aircell™ ensures high performance in terms of resilience, bulkiness, stain resistance and durability.

  • Unique Yarn Configuration 
    aircell™ filament is designed as a triangular structure with a smooth surface that comes in a three-hole shape. This design allows air to be trapped in the voids, increasing the overall volume of the filament. 

  • Technical Strength 
    aircell™ can help carpets retain their newness and bulkiness longer, making them easier to clean and maintain, and ultimately extending the lifespan of the carpet.

  • More benefits 
    aircell™ guarantees a better performance, easier maintenance, and increased durability, all in an effort to provide customers with better products than ever before.