Project Study: Xunlei, The Ideal City

Submitted by lilo on Wed, 01/24/2024 - 18:37

The project is to provide flooring services for Xunlei's office building in Shenzhen, China. In line with the interior design, the idea of the flooring area is to emphasize the client's vision of being open and diverse. The simplicity of modernism is the metaphor for the client's technological background, and the shapes and colors simulate the traces of communication between people. No matter how long you stay, it can still be friendly and an ideal place for people to enjoy.

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In the open workplace, the designer wanted to create a space where people feel free to interact with their colleagues. T671 In-motion was chosen for its expression of movement. The floor tiles were directional and interchangeable, giving a strong sense of flexibility and adaptability. For the area closer to the window or outside, the vibrant linear pattern of T657 Pick-Up Stick and the warm yellow square patterns of T808 Tassels created a dynamic and expansive vision, creating an enlightened and productive environment. 

In addition, it is essential to achieve a comfortable and smooth communication experience in a relatively small space, such as the executive office/meeting room. The solution was to create a clean and tidy environment. T670 Shadow projected the natural elements of light and shadow onto the floor. Coupled with green plants and white wooden interior, it can ease the mood and improve efficiency.

A workspace is one of the places where people are active, work and communicate. Xunlei hopes to bring comfort and freedom through the diversity and openness of space.


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