nexlon™’s Recycling Process

Submitted by lilo on Fri, 12/29/2023 - 11:20

The name nexlon comes from the combination of "next" and "nylon". We hope that the craftsmanship and environmental friendliness of nexlon™ will help protect our beautiful planet.

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Close-loop Recycling Process 

nexlon™ follows a closed-loop recycling process of "resource - product - recycle" to reduce its impact on natural resources depletion and pollution of the environment. 

Resources: Nexlon™ uses Solution Dye technology, which requires less water and resources. This means that the production and processing of the yarn are more environmentally friendly as there is no wastewater during the dyeing process.

Product: nexlon™ has excellent color fastness, which ensures that the fibers are long-lasting and maintain their appearance. This reduces the cost of refurbishment.

Recycle: nexlon™ recycles waste yarn and masterbatches, which are reused directly into products such as Circular nylon yarn.


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