LuxCushion™: Design For Comfort

Submitted by LauraJian on Mon, 07/18/2022 - 01:10

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of architectural design. Architects and designers are responsible for generating well-being in spaces for people. Also, this is the reason why we introduce LuxCushion™.The development of LuxCushion™ is a revolutionary upgrade to carpet backing systems, taking performance and comfort experience to the next level.


Underfoot Comfort

LuxCushion™ is a unique backing system. It allows high resilience nylon to be utilized on the bottom of the carpet, providing more softness than others. The yarns arrange spirally and vertically, offering adequate space to squeeze and bounce back with firm foot supports. LuxCushion™  improves comfort level by about 30.2% and reduces foot fatigue by about 19.8%. Eventually, it generates unprecedented underfoot experience.


Long-lasting Comfort

Tuntex believes that improving space comfort embraces a state of long-lasting experience. LuxCushion™ possesses an excellent recovery rate of 91.7% after an extreme heavy traffic test. The comfort level has developed to support our wellness goals in the long run.


Acoustic Comfort

Noise plays a vital role in affecting indoor comfort, and creating an acoustical environment has always been the focus of Tuntex. With the thick layers of nylon fibers, LuxCushion™ disperses the undesirable noise in the environment by about 10% compared to the typical backing, and about 20% compared to the hard flooring.


Indoor Comfort

Indoor comfort is achieved by overall comfortable conditions in space. The thickness of LuxCushion™ is up to around 14.5mm, depending on the series. It is three times softer than conventional felt backings. It markedly enhances the softness and provides a luxurious walking experience. 

Indoor pollutants also can easily lead to health risks and thus affect the indoor experience. The unique structure of LuxCushion™ requires fewer materials during production. It is plasticizer-free and has very low TVOC. Besides, StainShield™, SoilGuard™, EcoFresh™, and Micro-Shield™ are specially added to further enhance this product. LuxCushion™ helps to mitigate these health hazards and creates a safer and healthier indoor environment.