How aircell™ Helps Carpet Remain New Longer

Submitted by lilo on Fri, 12/22/2023 - 15:02

Soils and dust always exist in our surroundings even though they may be invisible to the naked eye. However, carpets can help prevent soil from building up and thus reduce health risks, and aircell™ is the ideal solution to achieve this without heavily affecting the carpet's appearance.

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To demonstrate the performance of aircell™, let's compare the appearance of a carpet with aircell™ and a carpet without it after a 2-month traffic test. Click the picture and find out the video!

As we can see, the carpet without aircell™ has a more visibly changed look compared to the carpet with aircell™. The secret of aircell™ lies in its unique structure.

aircell™ has a triangular cross-section with smooth edges that makes it difficult for soils to gather on the yarn surface, resulting in a cleaner appearance. 

Additionally, aircell™'s hollow structure allows for more light reflection, which weakens the visibility of soils, making the carpet look new and clean.

The unique structure of aircell™ not only makes it harder for soils to accumulate but also makes them less visible. Therefore, frequent cleaning is all that is required to maintain a healthy and beautiful indoor environment for a long time.


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