Tuntex Brand Identity is chosen as the WINNER of the 2023 Asia Design Prize

Submitted by lilo on Wed, 01/24/2024 - 18:34

Asia Design Award started in 2016, intending to discover and recommend excellent designs in Asian society. The 2023 Asia Design Award received 1051 entries totally from 22 countries and regions. The award announced recently that the brand identity of Tuntex has been selected as the WINNER.

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Tuntex is a leading carpet manufacturer dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods. At the initial stage of brand building, Tuntex has integrated the idea of professionalism and sustainable development. Therefore, the brand identity highlights these two points via color and shape.

The Tuntex Peak Blue is the main color tone of Tuntex, representing the corporate characteristics of professionalism and reliability.

The Tuntex Graphic Business Signature is a set of five uniquely designed graphics. These changeable and diverse appearances also narrate our story of sustainability and innovation. For a long time, Tuntex has put its sustainable commitment into action: We strive to reduce and minimize the use of virgin resources and promote efficient use of material through the reuse and recycling of items that can be appropriated for future use.

Among them, we choose to visualize the steps of circular technology. The five steps are demonstrated our innovative process —— from Discover, Define, Design, Develop to Deliver. We are willing to challenge ourselves and constantly reshape what we know, and thus we can create something outstanding for our partners.

As a responsible carpet manufacturer, we try to be at the forefront of environmental protection and the well-being of everyone, fostering human comfort and wellness for future generations to come. Brand identity is not only the visual language of a brand but also inseparable from the brand’s vision and mission. By virtue of its 55 years of experience, Tuntex provides a full range of quality carpets and remains a favorite choice for architects, designers, and industry. We hope to bring our vision to the global community and professional users through the presentation of the brand identity.


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