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Let us show you how modular carpet and LVT can complement each other.

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Learning To Live Together allows us to show you how modular carpet and LVT can complement each other.


Learning To
Live Together

Modular carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can be combined to create a powerful partnership that offers several benefits. Together, they offer comfort, durability, water resistance, and design flexibility, making it easy to customize the flooring to meet specific needs.

  • Where Private Meets Public

    Carpet and LVT can be used in different contexts for intersection, blending or transit.

  • Where Creative Meets Distinct

    The mix of carpet and LVT combines creativity and uniqueness that offers consumers a distinctive and innovative experience.

  • Where Firm Meets Fluid

    Solid and liquid materials come together to create an interesting and dynamic design element.

  • Where Business Meet Casual

    This combination offers professional and relaxed atmospheres in the same place to catch attention and spark interest.

Tunext Carpet
with LVT

The combination of carpet and LVT forms a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting flooring solution, bringing a new experience to indoor space.


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