Sustainability - The 3R Movement

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The 3R Movement

We fully embrace our social and environmental responsibility, and by doing this, we can create a thriving future.


Our Values

Sustainability is more than a slogan. We believe it is an inherent duty that we need to put into action. As a company, we try to be at the forefront of environmental protection and the well-being of all people, promoting human comfort and well-being for future generations.

3R Movement

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is our way of pursuing sustainable development. Tuntex practices the 3R movement with the aim of reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact, while promoting the efficient use of resources and striving to achieve a closed-loop recycling process.


Reducing resource usage and carbon footprint is one of the effective measures to protect the environment. Tuntex has taken action to fulfill this mission through green manufacturing.

  • Internal resource regeneration system and advanced technologies (e.g. Solution Dye) are used to reduce raw material consumption and avoid massive waste.
  • On-site waste treatment facilities are equipped to eliminate the release of pollutants into the environment.
  • Certified with ISO14001, the green management of the entire production line is implemented to pursue sustainable development.


Through the practical reuse of discarded materials and waste, Tuntex minimizes the environmental impact while extending the lifespan of our products.

  • Waste requires minimal processing and is converted into value-added products, including LuxCushion™ and Circular nylon yarn.
  • Packaging materials and transportation accessories are used multiple times to reduce one-time waste.


Recycling maintains a balance between production and consumption. Every step in the production process is closely linked, making the system organic.

  • Achieved a closed-loop recycling process (resource - product - recycle).
  • Waste materials are repurposed from the production of yarn, carpets, and backings.


Sustainability is not our end goal, human wellbeing is. Providing clean products and recycling waste is just one of the many steps our company takes. Our focus is to create delightful environment, both indoor and outdoor and we will continue this ongoing effort. 

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