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Carpet Adhesive


TX-500 Modular Carpet Adhesive

Non-solvent, Water-based, Pressure sensitive, Acrylic adhesive, specially designed for the installation of Tuntex Modular Carpet Tiles.

TX-500 Modular Carpet Adhesive is a non-solvent, water-based pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, specially designed for the installation of Tuntex Modular Carpet Tiles. TX-500 has strong multi-adhesive characteristics, non-flammable, non-discoloring, outstanding durability, low VOC, non-irritating, environmental, can be used for the installation of Modular Carpet Tiles. This product conforms to the national standard of GB 18583-2008 indoor decorating and refurbishing materials – limit of harmful substances of adhesives tested by a third party lab, SGS.

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  • Appearance 
    Milk white emulsion
  • Functional Component 
    Water-base acrylic compound
  • Solid Content 
    50 ± 2%
  • Viscosity 
    8000~12000 cps (25°C, LVT 4)
  • S.G. 

Application & Usage

Easy to trowel or apply with a paint roller. Recommended coverage is about 10-15 square meters per liter, to be adjusted according to actual floor condition. The coverage can be 15 square meters per liter on a dense, flat floor, or even more. Adhesive needs to be dry before the Modular Carpet installation. Adhesive color will change from white to transparent, as it dries. Drying time will depend on ambient conditions, such as temperature, humidity, airflow and floor material. Under a condition of high airflow, low humidity and over 15°C (59°F) temperature, the drying time will usually be less than 1 hour. Whereas the drying time will be slow at enclosed places with high humidity and low temperature.

Surface floor preparation

Surface Floor Type:

  • New floor surface
    Must be smooth, flat and dry.
  • Old floor surface
    Must be clear of paint, seals, grease, oil, adhesives and any harmful substances.

The floor must be hard, dry, smooth, flat, horizontal, intact, clean and free of harmful substances. The floor must be hard to prevent the carpet tiles from warping. Any old carpets, foreign matter or other resins on the floor should be cleared or scraped. If any grease, paint and so on, can be cleaned with cleaning agent; if the floor is not flat, should be repaired in time, also can be grinded by machine when large area.

Application preparation

Before the application of TX-500, should clean with broom and vacuum cleaner, remove all dusts on the floor. If there are many small holes in the floor, use the primer to repair. Apply the adhesive after the primer dry. It is necessary to detect the humidity and PH value of floor before application and should conform to the prescribed requirements. If not, should not apply the adhesive before any remedial measures.

Humidity and PH testing results and recommendations

Humidity and pH resultsRecommendations
Humidity < 70%, 7.0 < PH < 9.0Application
Humidity > 90%, 9.0 < PH < 12.0Suggest to improve
Humidity > 90%, PH > 12.0No application


  • Storage
    Please apply and store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight or overheating.
  • Application Temp
    15~35°C (59~95°F)
  • Storage Temp
    5~40°C (41~104°F)
  • Shelf Life
    1 year from manufacturing date.