Wellbeing - Comfort

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Why Comfort is 

Human comfort in space has been revived with the development of people’s understanding of architectural environment. It is also associated with the performance of physical and mental well-being, as well as the improvement of sustainability. 

As a result, We recognize the importance of comfort and strive to echo the market demands. Our team has developed new technologies and created products that are evaluated against strict standards to enhance the level of comfort.

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Ambient comfort evaluates environmental comfort based on indicators such as colors, styles, air quality, and noise levels. 

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  • Colors

    Colors can undoubtedly affect people’s mood, circadian rhythm, and productivity. Thus, we work with natural color choices to offer a better workplace environment.

  • Air Quality

    Our products, including adhesive are proven with very low chemical emissions to guarantee the safety of space. 

  • Styles

    Styles and patterns contribute a lot to building a positive environment. We want to show how to bring comfort to the context.

  • Sound

    The latest cushion backing LuxCushion™ is incorporated with an acoustic benefit. Its unique structure helps to reduce noise by around 50%.

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Functional Comfort 

Functional comfort links the concept of comfort to the performance of products. 

  • Materials

    Tuntex holds a third party verified Health Product Declaration(HPD) to improve our sources of materials and transparency.

  • Warranty

    15-year warranty ensures long-term enjoyment.

  • Special Threatments

    Special treatments, including StainShield™, SoilGuard™, EcoFresh™, and Micro-Shield™ are equipped to enhance the functionality.

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Comfort and    

With current concerns on energy consumption and carbon footprint, it is impossible to isolate the discussion of comfort from sustainability. We guide ourselves with the notion of 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and lessen the negative impact on the environment without sacrificing the product quality.