Behind Tuntex: How a Strong R&D Capacity Drives Innovation and Sustainable Development

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As a leading carpet manufacturer, Tuntex is fully dedicated to the industry and advancing green and eco-friendly production technologies and methods.

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Integrated Green Production System

In 1994, Tuntex established its first factory in mainland China. Tuntex not only has the ability to independently research and develop carpet products, but also to independently extrude and produce yarns. At the same time, Tuntex has been recycling the wasted yarn to be reused in new products. After decades of development, Tuntex has established a comprehensive green cycle system of R&D - production - recycling - reuse.

Proprietary Nylon Yarn

Tuntex is dedicated to independent R&D and innovation and has launched the yarn brand nexlon™. Technical obstacles have been overcome to achieve a 100% closed-loop recycling process of raw materials.

The latest innovation is aircell™. It adopts a unique triangular hollow structure, which fiber structure differs from the trilobal shape of normal yarn. Carpets made with aircell™ not only have a more bouncy appearance but also improve underfoot comfort when walking. It provides better resilience and durability for the capert, creating a more comfortable experience.

Bring Comfort to Indoor

LuxCushion™, an unique patented technology , uses highly elastic nylon yarn as the backing material. This means that both the top and bottom of the carpet are made from nylon fiber. Compared to conventional products, LuxCushion™ significantly increases softness and underfoot comfort. Moreover, the acoustic effect is also substantially improved, with a 50% improvement in sound insulation compared to regular backing and 5 times better than LVT products.

Investment in Manufacture

At Tuntex, we believe in investing wisely in our production facilities. We are equipped with the latest yarn extrusion and carpet tufting machines, which have helped us maintain a strong foothold in the industry. We strive to continuously improve our production capacity and provide the best quality products to our customers.

Third-party Certification

As a responsible manufacturer, Tuntex is strictly disciplined in all aspects of production and has achieved a number of certifications including CNAS (China), GreenCircle (USA), SGBP 4 Ticks (Singapore), ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO9001 Quality Management System. Tuntex's accredited products comply with LEED and WELL standards, making them a preferred choice for clients committed to sustainability.


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