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Fifteen Years Limited Warranty

Tuntex products made with Solution Dyed Nylon
Carpet Tile ---- Recyclable Tuntex Commercial Duraback


This Warranty begins when the carpet product is installed by Tuntex authorized installation professionals in accordance with Tuntex current installation specifications, including the use of adhesives. Providing care recommendations are followed, the warranty continues for 15 years from the date of the original installation. The fifteen-year warranty is further defined as the fifteen-year period the carpet is owned and maintained by the original end-use purchaser. The basis of any warranty related claim is the original Tuntex invoice or the original Tuntex dealer invoice. If these specifications and procedures are not followed, a standard two-year warranty against manufacturing defects will be in effect as well as any further protection offered by the fiber producer.

Installation specifications and carpet care recommendations can be obtained from your dealer or Tuntex Representative.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance Duraback Backing will provide tuft bind strengths consistent with accepted industry standards for these carpet tile products. Any failure to perform with respect to acceptable tuft bind will be independently evaluated and the product replaced by Tuntex if a product defect is responsible for substandard performance. Specific product and performance criteria may be noted and registered as part of this specific warranty.

Tuntex warrants that, under normal use, the backing on its standard performance will not delaminate.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance carpet tile will prevent static buildup in excess of 3.5 KV when tested using AATCC Test Method 134 at 70 degrees F at 20% R.H.

Tuntex will within ten working days of receipt of claim, designate a representative to inspect the standard performance and evaluate the warranty claim.

Any portion of the Tuntex standard performance carpet tile not performing as stated will be repaired to conform to the warranty. If repair is not commercially practical, Tuntex may, at its option, replace the affected carpet for the affected area during the first two years.
Tuntex will pay the costs of the carpet, reasonable freight, and labor. Thereafter, Tuntex will pay only the costs of the carpet and reasonable freight. Costs incurred for the moving of equipment, furnishings, partitions, and the like, that were installed over the Tuntex standard performance product will be at the consumer’s expense.

Tuntex warrants that its standard performance carpet tile is appropriately classified under all applicable fire codes for the specified end-use as tested under Test Method ASTM E-648.

Tuntex warrants that its standard carpet tile will generate less than the generally accepted maximum rating of 450 specific optical density for smoke when tested in accordance with ASTM Test Method E-662 (NFPA 258).

All claims under this warranty must be submitted, in writing, to:

Q.C. Dept. of SuZhouTuntex Fiber & carpet Co., Ltd.,

No. 28 ChengXi South Road, TaiCang, JiangSu, China

Zip: 25400

Carpet installed on stairs or in areas subject to abnormal foot-traffic use (i.e., golf spikes, other spiked footwear, ski boots, and the like) is excluded.

Chair pads are required under roller caster chairs for this warranty to be in full effect. This warranty does not cover burns, cuts, fading, matting, pills, pulls, odor, soiling, staining, tears or damage due to improper installation or due to improper cleaning agents or methods, incidental and consequential damages are not the responsibility of Tuntex, and, to the extent permitted by law, are hereby excluded as to both property damage and personal injury. Replacement carpet will come only from current running–line standard performance products comparable to the warranted product.

Note : Only nylon product is entitled for Fifteen Years Limited Warranty





Ten Years Limited Warranty

Luxury Vinyl Tile ---- Recyclable Tuntex Commercial Duraback


General Terms

Tuntex Luxury Vinyl Tile when installed in a commercial area, regardless of commercial use designation, must be professionally installed by a certified flooring contractor to validate this warranty. No exclusions or exceptions will be made to this clause.
This warranty document covers Tuntex Luxury Vinyl Tile when installed and applied in commercial applications. For residential dwelling product warranty and multiple unit installations such as multi-family housing and multi-use facilities, please refer to the appropriate warranty documents. Tuntex reserves the right to classify each installation as residential, light commercial or commercial. Tuntex warranties cover the cost of material for the period of the warranty as listed below; labor coverage is subject to separate terms outlined in Labor Coverage Terms. Labor will be paid as outlined below.

Manufacturing Defect Warranty

Tuntex warrants that the Tuntex Luxury Vinyl Collection of solid vinyl planks and tiles will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. If such defect occurs, upon verification of the defect by Tuntex, Tuntex will authorize repair or replacement of the affected area of installed flooring.

Wear Warranty Periods for Tuntex Luxury Vinyl Products: Product Residential Light Commercial Commercial

Loose Lay (LLT) Lifetime 10 years 10 Years

Wear Warranty:

Tuntex warrants that the installed product will not wear through to the printed film layer, stain or fade under normal household use for a period of time as defined above. Wear through is defined herein that the wear layer is sufficiently depleted or compromised so that the printed film layer is damaged, altered or affected from normal use. Stains and fading must be sufficient that the affected area of flooring is permanently discolored from normal household use and cleaning.

  • Tuntex will supply new material of the same color, design, and grade, if available; if unavailable or discontinued, Tuntex reserves the right to select and supply similar Tuntex materials. After corrective action is taken on an existing defect, you will continue to receive warranty coverage for the remaining period of your original warranty.
  • One replacement floor only will be made for the wear out, fading and staining. Claimants who received settlement may not claim again and no additional replacement floors will be supplied.
  • Alternatively a refund of up to 100% of the original cost of the material. The percentage of the original cost refundable depends on the amount of time elapsed since the date of purchase:
  1. Within 1-2 years - 100%
  2. Within 3-4 years - 70%
  3. Year 5 until the end of specified wear warranty term – 50%

Labor Coverage Terms:

The costs of professional labor will be reimbursed within the approved labor charges put forth by Tuntex provided that the installation has been performed according to Tuntex Installation guidelines, standard industry practices, and use of approved installation materials including but not limited to proper subfloor materials, Tuntex recommended adhesive(s), Tuntex recommended underlayment(s) and accessories. Labor must also be provided by a professional flooring installer with certifiable credentials and/or references, and will be paid according to the following schedule:

  1. Within the first 2 years 100% of labor for reinstall / repair
  2. Within years 3-4 70% of labor for reinstall / repair
  3. Years 5-6 50% of labor costs for reinstall / repair
  4. Year 6-10 No labor reimbursement provided

General Terms

Tuntex reserves the right to inspect any floor that is deemed by the client to be defective. Removal of the flooring prior to this inspection voids this product warranty in its entirety. Tuntex at its discretion will send a company representative and/or a third-party, independent inspector to the installation site to conduct the inspection. If it is deemed necessary, a destructive inspection will be conducted to properly facilitate a full investigation.

D.I.Y products, cash and carry sales, closeouts, seconds and other discounted materials and internet sales are not covered under this warranty.

Tuntex reserves the right to classify each installation regarding use according to this published bulletin.

Warranty Limitations

  • This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.
  • Manufacturing defect must be reported within 30 days of first notice of defect in installed area.
  • This warranty covers only properly installed and maintained floors, according to Tuntex installation guidelines and accepted industry practices and does not cover flooring installed in areas not intended for solid vinyl plank or tile.
  • Tuntex branded and/or recommended products must be used for installing Tuntex flooring; use of products not specifically designed for use with solid vinyl flooring will void warranty coverage.
  • Tuntex will not pay for the loss of time, inconvenience or other consequential or incidental damages or expenses incurred during the initial installation and the subsequent removal and/or reinstallation of affected material, including clearing any items placed over the finished flooring and affected area subsequent to the original installation.
  • This warranty does not cover the exclusions indicated on the package.
  • Tuntex reserves the right of final judgment and may refuse claims in certain instances and reserves the right to modify or withdraw the warranty at any time.
  • For products sold as “Do-It-Yourself” products, cash and carry sales, internet sales, seconds or off-quality goods no labor costs will be provided as part of this warranty.
  • Internet sales, closeouts, items sold as seconds or other off-quality designation are not covered under this warranty.
  • Materials installed with obvious manufacturing defects are not covered. Visual defects greater than 1cm are considered identifiable. Labor costs will not be covered when materials with visual defects greater than or equal to 1 cm are installed; replacement material only will be provided.
  • Damage to the locking mechanism caused by excessive deflection in the substrate, improper underlayments installed underneath the flooring, from improper rolling loads and direct contact from castor wheels, dynamic pressures and loads from electric wheel chairs is not covered.
  • Products that have not been properly acclimated according to the Tuntex Installation Guidelines.
  • Lack of maintenance or improper maintenance; dulled by soaps, detergents, harsh chemicals, dressings, one-step cleaners or wax.
  • Indentations or damage by narrow tipped heels, vacuum cleaner beater bars, heavy rolling loads, caster wheels, furniture and chairs without proper floor protectors and furniture rests, dropping of metal or heavy objects. Furniture, appliances and movable fixtures should have a plastic or nylon protector at least 2” in diameter; chair casters / wheels should be a minimum of 2” in diameter and not be metal-type or narrower than 1” in width. Chair mats and protectors shall be used under office chairs including use in residential settings.
  • Cuts, scratches, gouges and indentations, punctures caused by sharp objects, narrow wheels, metal furniture glides, etc. Non-rubber walk-off mats are to be used at all egress points and shall be of sufficient depth and width to capture grit, dirt and abrasive debris.
  • Damage caused by burns, flooding, fires and other disasters.
  • Staining or changes in color caused by dyes tracked from carpet, fertilizers, coal, tar, driveway sealers, oil drippings or other similar materials; faded or discolored by sunlight or heat generation; fading or staining caused by use of rubber mats. Non-rubber walk-off mats are to be used at all egress points and shall be of sufficient depth and width to capture grit, dirt and abrasive debris and allow for removal of foreign material before contact with vinyl flooring.
  • Flooring issues, conditions, damage or defects caused by improper installation techniques, floors not installed per Tuntex Installation Guidelines, use of adhesives not supplied under the Tuntex Brand or incorrect application of adhesives, improper underlayments or underlayments not specifically recommended in writing by Tuntex or branded by Tuntex, inadequate subfloors or subfloor preparation, flooring installed against standard accepted industry practices.
  • Performance of Tuntex products over foam-type, rubber, cork, or other compressible type underlayments. Guarantees of performance should be provided by the manufacturer who states their product is suitable for use with Luxury Vinyl Flooring.
  • Problems or damage due to excessive moisture and/or alkalinity in sub floor including discoloration or bond release of the structure of the flooring. Product structural damage from excessive exposure to water caused by flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks, water leakage from doors, windows or roof leaks. Standing water on flooring should be mopped or wet-vacuumed up immediately upon notice of the spill.
  • Damage from or growth of mold and mildew caused by excessive moisture in the environment or substrate that has been trapped under the flooring; including flooring installed outdoors or subjected to prolonged water exposure.
  • Flooring installed in areas not intended for solid vinyl plank or tile.
  • Installed over unstable, unsuitable, or improperly prepared sub floors, wet/cold floor and/or radiant-heated floor in excess of 85°F.
  • Hazing or finish related issues caused by grout when used with Tuntex groutable tiles.
  • Different from samples or printed material in shade, color, glossing or embossing texture. No person, representative, employee, or agent not employed by Tuntex is authorized to modify or change the warranty statements made in this document.