A Home for Wastes

Submitted by antonia.niu on Tue, 10/22/2019 - 02:43

Recently, waste sorting has been one of the main topics in conversations among people in China, especially in Shanghai. Starting mid 2019, the Chinese government implemented a strict plan to sort out all garbage. But you might wonder, what about carpets? What kind of waste are carpets categorised as? Don't worry - Tuntex's got you covered.


Ever since Tuntex was founded in 1968, it has always strive to be sustainable and to create a better environment for everyone. Tuntex made sure its products are environmentally-friendly by utilising recycled content for the carpet backings. Products from both the Renaissance of Art Collection and E-Concept Collection have Recycled Tuntex Commercial Duraback, which is made from recycled old carpets and production waste. In addition, the face yarn that is knitted on the recycled backings are also made from recycled yarn, making the entire carpet tile eco-friendly while reducing waste.


Waste has a significantly negative impact on the environment; the indiscriminate disposal of garbage around the world has led to the destruction of the living habitats for all kinds of animals, plants, and human beings. Sorting waste is important to contributing to a better environment for everyone around the world and reducing waste and pollution is even more impactful. This is why Tuntex incorporates green technology in its manufacturing processes with the goal of creating a healthy, cleaner environment in mind.


Next time, when you're deciding what kind of waste would your unwanted, old carpets be, don't hesitate to let Tuntex handle it for you.