First Step to Success: Discovering the Trends

Submitted by antonia.niu on Tue, 10/29/2019 - 03:31

We live in a time at which people highly value a product’s looks, design, and whether it can be customizable or not. Gradually, carpets are more than just an extra layer of cushion for the feet, noise reduction in indoor rooms, or heat insulation during wintertime. More and more people look beyond these traditional functionalities that carpets offer, and ask for personalization, visually appealing designs, and eco-friendly products. 


In order to satisfy different kinds of consumers with various demands, sustainable brands that offer customizable products or services and follow trends in their markets rise more quickly – and of course, that applies to brands in the carpet industry as well.


As sustainability becomes important for individuals and companies in all industries, consumers look for brands that actually care about the environment and are more willing to use eco-friendly products. Tuntex’s carpets are made with recyclable and recycled carpet backings. In addition, the face yarn is also knitted with nexlon™, which is produced with recycled yarn. 


Nowadays, most consumers prefer customization – whether it’s their food, their electronic devices, or their home office furniture. There are up to 53 colours per product but Tuntex also offers customized colours per customers’ requests. These colours, along with the wide variety of carpet designs Tuntex has, provide customers numerous combinations of carpets to resonate with their styles and personalities.


Functionalities have become a given, while personalization and brand experiences are now what everyone looks for.