Carpets are for all Seasons

Submitted by antonia.niu on Wed, 11/13/2019 - 03:26

We all know that carpets keep our feet warm when it’s cold outside. Many people believe that carpets are not suitable for the summer because it only makes indoor spaces hotter. In fact, carpets are not only warmer in winter, but they help people keep cool during summer as well.


During winter, when you’re getting out of bed in the morning, as soon as your foot steps onto the cold hard floorboards, the icy floor makes it unbearable. That’s when carpets come in to provide a more comfortable and softer layer of protection that can also keep your feet warm.


As for summer, when the weather is extremely hot, people tend to feel more anxious and less productive when it comes to work. The carpeted floors can actually block the hot air outside, just like how the curtains block the sunlight, reducing the heat that the floorboard brings from the outside. Consequently, carpets can not only make interior space look more fashionable as a whole, but also help to block some of the outdoor heat.

One thing to note is since the material is high-quality and it has protection against dirt, stains, and micro-organisms, Tuntex carpets are also easy to clean and maintain just by using vacuum cleaners at any time.


Last but not least, Tuntex carpets are made from soft yarn that can not only make the indoor spaces feel more comfortable, but also help absorb sound easily, creating a more calming and soothing spaces in all kinds of weather. 


While materials matter, so do colours: It is said that the use of light-coloured carpets in the summertime will bring people visual comfort and make them keep cool as well. So don’t feel reluctant towards staying in carpeted rooms next time when you’re feeling hot.